The Garden

There are two green areas which surround the villa: at the entrance a wide area of English park, with secular trees among which are placed many masterpieces (please visit; behind the villa, facing the veranda, you can find the Italian Garden which reproduces faithfully the original 18th century garden. At the end of the garden you can find the observatory and the nymphaeum.

The Italian Garden is ideal for receptions and wedding cake serving or for a dessert buffet.

Technical Details

USE:Garden for aperitifs, dessert buffets, wedding cake serving, photo sessions, lighted fountains and falls.

Park for photo sessions, children’s area, leisure area, exhibition park visits.
SIZE: garden, 1200 square meters; park, about 3000 square meters
NOTE: besides the stone benches, garden tables and chairs under umbrellas can be situated around the park. In the evening, besides regular lightning, oil torches or oil lanterns are available.

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