The Cellars

The brick cellars – the most ancient part of the villa – are suitable for buffets with hors d’oeuvres with cold cuts, cheeses and wine tasting.

Beyond the Big cellar are the Tino cellar, the storeroom, the ice-house and two cisterns which once were used to store rain water.

Technical Details

USE: buffets for hors d’oeuvres, cheese and wine tasting, open bar, desserts and coffee; music.

Big cellars: 50 square meters (60 seated guests – 30 guests without tables)

Tino cellar: 8 square meters

Storeroom: 24 square meters

Ice-house: 29 square meters

Cisterns: 15 square meters
Notes: cool in summer, heated in winter. Brick vaults.

The Tino cellar and the two cisterns host masterpieces from the exhibition park. Cable radio is available in the first two cellars.

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