The Veranda

It’s the large dining room of the villa: paved with stones from Luserna, it is air conditioned and surrounded by sliding glass doors facing the Italian Garden.
The lemon-house and the chapel flank the Veranda.
The veranda can accommodate about 200/230 seated guests (250 without tables); an ideal room for lunches and dinners, conventions, buffet and other events.
Open air dinners are possible during the summer, while during winter it is heated, making the villa available all year round.
Window shade make projections possible.

Celestri Room

This room, which is named after the original landlords, is placed behind the veranda to which it is connected by glass doors. It is used for placing favours or a table for children, dessert tables or open bar.

The Chapel

This chapel, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, has conserved throughout the years the vault’s decorations, the altar, two benches and the Lombard brick pavement along with the holy water stoup. It is not possible to celebrate religious weddings in the chapel.

The Lemon-house

This small greenhouse, surrounded by colored windows, is still used to conserve the lemon trees from the Italian Garden during winter. Favours may be placed here or musicians can play their music and face the veranda when windows are opened.

Technicals Details

USE: weddings, gala dinners, business meetings, buffets, concerts, fashion shows.

CELESTRI ROOM: can be used for placing favours, buffets, open bar, play room for children.
LEMON-HOUSE: can be used for placing favours, or for concerts. In winter the lemon trees are conserved here.
CHAPEL: not to be used for ceremonies.
SIZE: about 200 square meters
CAPACITY: 200 guests (20 tables with 10 seats) / 230 guests (20 tables with 11-12 seats).

250 seats without tables.

CELESTRI ROOM (adjacent room): 30 guests (3 tables with 10 seats)
NOTES: air conditioning and heating, cable radio set, it can be opened in summer time, view on the Italian Garden, usable all year round.

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